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By Chance Customs Services
Product purchase and Install
Standard product purchase and delivery
At By Chance Customs, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

Our main goal is to help the average working person the ability to achieve their dream of a great sounding and visually pleasing system for their ride without wasting a lot of their time. 

We have well trained installers that have been in the business for years, that treat every vehicle they work on as if it were their own with the highest respect.

With our mobile install van were are able to come to you for your convenience to install a system, troubleshoot current problems and repair if necessary.

We understand, that with most working people, your time is precious and when not slaving to the man that you want to spend time with family and friends for better moments. That you would rather not spend evenings or weekends at shops getting your vehicle worked on while you wait around or worse yet leave your ride with people you hardly know to have who knows what done to it.  We can take that worry from you by coming to where you are, be it work or home, morning-noon or night.

With our services you can spend more time with family and friends doing what you enjoy in your free time and still enjoy a great system in your ride.

We provide a variety of ways to help including:
We help you find the correct system for your make, year, model vehicle for the budget your working with and we install it for you be it at your work or at your home for your convenience. 

Total would be : Cost of products + Install fee = Great Savings
We help you find the correct system for your make, year, model vehicle for the budget your working with and we deliver it to you be it work or at home, not having to wait for the mail each day for it to come in. We would love to be able to install products for you but it is not a requirement to purchase with us.

Total would be : Cost of products + small Delivery charge = Great Savings
If you have any question concerning deliveries or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Install products you already own
We will be happy to install products you already own into your vehicle be it at your home or your work for your convenience.

Total would be : Small travel fee (mostly for gas) + Install fee = Great Savings
Troubleshoot and/or Repair
We come to you and troubleshoot your problems with your radio, sound system, power windows, power locks, trunk release etc. 

Total would be : Small travel fee (mostly for gas) + Troubleshoot /repair fee = Great Savings
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